Historic Signature Book

Few clubs can boast so distinguished a list of guest speakers as Canadian Clubs. Since 1893, noted individuals from all walks of public life have spoken to audiences across the country – audiences whose desire to be informed first-hand remains strong.

The Women’s Canadian Club of Hamilton is deeply indebted to its founders for their foresight in establishing the Historic Signature Book, into which speakers have been entering their names and comments since the club was formed in 1912.

The book has undergone few changes over the years, save those necessitated by age. Due to wear, the cover has been replaced several times.

The original book was present at every meeting until early 2005, when concern arose over its preservation. At that time, a conservator made a digitized archival copy and a replica was created for day-to-day use. The replica is dutifully carried to every meeting, where each new speaker completes an entry.

Once the replica was prepared, the original was entrusted to the Hamilton Public Library where it may be viewed upon request. In coming years, the new signature pages will be added to the old, and the book will continue to be honoured.